One of my favorite types of sessions because I am able to capture in time what our amazing bodies can do. I do miss the feeling of baby’s kicks and my big round belly, but I absolutely love looking back at my maternity photos because it brings back those precious memories and it’s something I can share with my kids as they get older. I hear from many people that they wish they had taken these types of photos when they were pregnant. They felt large and uncomfortable and didn’t take pictures of this precious time because they didn’t like how they felt. But you can’t go back in time. I am here to make you feel like that glowing goddess that everyone else sees. Professional make up and hair is included in your session fee to help boost your confidence. I have a wide variety of maternity gowns to choose from. Trust me, you get into one of these, and you’ll feel like a queen!

Maternity photos should be anywhere between 32-36 weeks. This is when your tummy is most round and you still feel comfortable before baby “drops” (when stomach drops down a little bit because baby is starting to get into position).

I highly suggest scheduling your session much in advance as this is a short window and time slots fill fast.

Family photos

This is most popular. Some people make family photos an annual thing and come to me every year. Some have never had an actual family photo and decide it’s time to hang that portrait in the living room. I usually do these outdoors as there is more room to play. I will get the beautiful posed portraits as a family but I also capture the unforgettable candid moments between siblings and parents. Running, giggling, having fun. Those little cheeks and hands. I will make your session a day to remember and it’ll be lots of fun!

I can assist you along the way with sending you my clothing style guides to help choose the best outfits for you and your family.


I realize boudoir photography is not for everyone, and that’s ok! That is why I have a separate website for that and a private Facebook group. But I do like to mention here because I do Maternity boudoir as an option. These include more intimate portraits to show of some skin with that beautiful belly that is creating life. Feel free to visit my website, join my private Facebook group, or contact me to learn more information.